High Speed Motors and Motor Generators

We design and manufacture a diverse range of rotating electrical motors and generators many of which are used in flight critical and defence applications.

Our manufacturing techniques range from skilled hand operations to semi-automatic allowing for prototyping or full rate production.

Parameter Min Value Max Value Units
Power 0.010 200 kW
Voltage 3.3 1080 V
Speed Slow Crawl 183,000 RPM
Size - Outer Diameter 10 500 mm
Ambient Temp -90 250 °C
Advanced Systems & Electromagnetic Components

NEMA has the capabilities to design and manufacture higher level electro-mechanical assemblies for a wide variety of applications, from airborne to subsea environments. Our engineers are constantly working on new projects with widely differing specifications ensuring constant development of knowledge and capabilities.

With experience in both rotary and linear actuation our customers can be certain that we will supply a product to meet or surpass the requirements of the specification.

By working with specially selected partners we can integrate gearboxes and gear drives for rotary actuation and ball or roller screws for linear actuation. We can also utilise a wide range of sensors when closed loop control is required.

  • Rotary & Linear Actuators
  • Transformer/Rectifiers
  • Position Sensors
  • RFI/EMC Filters
  • Permanent Magnet Alternators
  • Starter/Generators
  • Solenoids
Winding Capabilities

NEMA engineers have over 40 years experience in winding a wide range of electrical components and assemblies designed for challenging environments.

Where configuration allows, winding can be carried out by machine. For more complex configurations, winding is undertaken by hand. Unique tooling is produced in-house for the manufacturing processes involved allowing for quick development of new products. Once the winding is complete the wires can be connected by soldering, brazing or hot staking.


NEMA has been established as a spring and pressings manufacturer under the name of Nordale Springs since 1954.

Utilising the latest technology we are able to manufacture all types of springs and pressings to customer design or we can offer a design validation service.

Our manufacturing techniques range from skilled hand operations to semi-automatic, allowing for prototyping and full rate production.

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Pressings, Stampings & Assemblies

NEMA's expertise within metal presswork and stamping makes a real difference. We know how to make the precision components you need to the quality and standards you demand in the timescales you require and at the best possible cost.

From simple stamped components to complex parts including laminations, brackets, clips and latches. Parts can be manufactured from a wide range of materials including stainless steel and titanium.

With more than 60 years' experience we are able to produce batches from a one off to 10,000's. Sample or prototype components can be manufactured for customer assessment prior to larger production runs being started.

Precision Machining
Precision Machining

With over 20 years' experience NEMA specialise in the production of small to medium precision machined components across a range of sectors including the aerospace and defence industries.

Continuous investment in the latest state-of-the-art machining technology enables manufacture of parts to extremely high quality, with the capability of holding tolerances less than 0,005mm.

We will take your products and ideas from prototyping through production, using all materials from aluminium and stainless steels to titanium and plastics. Full support is available including design input using Solidworks and Solidcam to adopt cost effective manufacturing techniques.