Active Magnetic Bearings

Mag Bearings
NEMA are leading the development of active magnetic bearing technology for aerospace applications.
This complements our existing high-speed electric motor/generator offerings.
• Non-contact levitation eliminates friction and wear
• Active damping gives critical speed immunity
• Actuators experimentally validated (TRL4)
• 40 kW, 100 kRPM system demonstration by 2027 (TRL6)
19kRPM, 25kVA, MGU for Safran TTP
A collaborative project together with Safran Helicopter Engines, the University of Nottingham and Power System Technology, funded by CleanSky2/Horizon 2020
• 540Vdc operating voltage
• 24Nm full load torque
• -55°C to 70°C operating range
• Liquid fuel cooled stator
Safran Project
Electromagnetic Flux Imaging Scanner (EMFIS)
NEMA are lead participants in the development of a unique and innovative technique for the non-destructive testing (NDT) of high-reliability and high-efficiency motors.
• Rapid imaging of winding patterns and number of turns for wound field stators and armatures.
• Magnet and magnetic assembly scanning.
• Development of world-first graphene magnetic probes.
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64kRPM, 10kVA, MGU for the HX50 Helicopter
"Cutting edge design of the direct-drive starter-generator motor dramatically reduces the cost and mechanical complexity of the engine."
Project for: Hill Helicopters
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1.5kRPM, 1kW, Wing Flap Actuator for High Altitude UAV
HARAS (High Availabilty Redundant Actuation System) project with Triumph and Kugel Motion funded by the Aerospace Technology Insitute and Innovate UK.
• Innovative segmented stator to reduce winding overhangs
• ∅50mm x 65mm
• 270Vdc operating voltage
• 2.5Nm at full load
• 0.6kg
• -55°C to 70°C
wing flap actuation
1.25kPRM, 30kW, Winch Motor for SATS™ Helicopter Handling System
• 600Vdc operating voltage
• ∅420mm x 130mm
• <70kg
• 110Nm full load
• -40°C to 70°C operating range
120kRPM, 8.5kVA, MGU for UAV Hybrid Microturbine
High speed motor generator unit for UV extended engine
• 330ml soft drink can size
• Liquid fuel cooled stator
motor design
“We partnered with NEMA because they have a unique skill set in developing cutting edge electric motor technologies that demonstrate the highest efficiencies we require. They are also able to seamlessly deliver high rates of production.”