Design & Development

NEMA has extensive experience in the development of new products for challenging environments with the capability and approvals to design and develop electric motors, electro-mechanical actuators and components for a wide variety of applications. We also specialise in prototype and development production. Our in house manufacturing techniques and facilities are ideal for prototype manufacture right through to serial production.

Every project undertaken is unique, resulting in the constant improvement of our skills and manufacturing techniques. Our engineers work closely with our clients and suppliers to ensure the efficient technical realisation of projects.

Processing & Assembly

At NEMA we have a number of in-house processes which are required for the finishing of motors and electro-mechanical assemblies we produce which enable us to maintain full control of all these processes.


To avoid mechanical failures and reduce vibration of rotor and armature assemblies, NEMA has the ability to statically or dynamically balance components. Weight range: 0.05 - 10kg Journal Diameters: 2 - 35mm


All our electrical windings are impregnated, to improve the structural integrity and heat conduction properties, by vacuum or pressure impregnation using polyester or skybond varnishes.

Vacuum and Potting Encapsulation

Where improved environmental sealing is required we can encapsulate the electrical winding in our encapsulation facility using various types of materials as required by our clients.


NEMA has a fully equipped paint spray facility to enable finishing of components, using high temperature epoxy paints and lacquers, wherever this is required.


NEMA has the ability to magnetise rare earth magnets using capacitor discharge magnetising equipment. This enables the magnets to be magnetised before or after assembly to ensure correct pole alignment.

Repair & Overhaul

Bringing assemblies back to life

NEMA has the capability and approvals to carry out repair and overhaul work on electric motors, electro-mechanical actuators and components for a variety of applications, working from the original repair and overhaul manuals or testing and stripping the units to advise the repair required.

Where possible NEMA will repair and re-use components to ensure that the overhaul is as cost effective as possible. Alongside the repair and overhaul work, approved modifications can be implemented and qualified.

All repaired assemblies undergo a production acceptance test to ensure they are operating to the required specification. Our engineers undertake repair and overhaul work in a specially designed area segregated from original equipment to ensure cross contamination does not occur.

overhaul repair