Innovating Electromagnetic Technology
NEMA specialise in designing, reverse / obsolescence engineering, building and supplying technically innovative, high speed motors and motor generators to the aerospace and defence sectors. Our motors and generators are used in many electro-mechanical actuation systems and meet customer specifications across a wide range of applications and challenging environments.
exploded view of motor generator designed by NEMA
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Our dedicated design team have gained extensive experience and understanding of our clients application specific requirements and are specialists in transforming concepts into an achievable reality.
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Every project is unique. Our highly skilled and knowledgeable professionals work closely with our clients through every step of the creation process using advanced design applications and machinery.
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Achieving project completion further realises potential with NEMA’s in-house manufacturing and testing capability through to prototype production and product manufacture.
Why choose us
NEMA has the engineering expertise and resources together with the accreditations required to design, develop, test and manufacture a wide variety of bespoke applications often employed within demanding environments. Our activities encompass all aspects of motor design including generators, actuators, thermal design, material selection and reliability analyses.
NEMA’s original grounding within the aerospace and defence industries contribute to a proven track record of providing high quality solutions. Our commitment to quality is reflected in being accredited to AS9100 Rev D and BS EN ISO 9001 standards along with a number of customer quality approvals.
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