Ben Does Mag Soc
Wednesday, 8 March 2023
Congratulations to Ben Catchpole

NEMA would like to extend a massive congratulations to Ben Catchpole for his presentation at this years Magnetic Society "Lightweight Electromechanical Drives" event.

His work focused on the motor generator that NEMA are designing in conjunction with Hill Helicopters for the HX50 project, a private helicopter aiming to break the mold on a conventional helicopter, moving to a more luxurious, customisable experience for the private owner.

This level of design and engineering project can really set us apart from the competition, so thank you Ben for all the hard work in preparation for this event, as well as that going forward!


For those wanting further information, here is the summary from the event itself:

Low-cost, high-speed starter motor / generator (MGU) for a helicopter engine

NEMA are developing a low-cost, high-speed MGU for a new “best-in-class” 500HP gas-turbine engine (GT50). The GT50 has been designed specifically for the HX50, a cutting-edge helicopter which will be built in the UK for a target base price of £595,000. NEMA have developed numerous high-speed MGU’s for aircraft in recent years, but the hardware for this program is particularly sensitive to cost. This talk will present the GT50 MGU, which has been designed to meet the challenging requirements of the helicopter engine whilst also allowing for economic manufacturing techniques from the outset – two typically opposing paradigms of development.