A Steadfast Company Man
Thursday, 1 June 2023
One we can depend on!

Today we celebrate the long term service of our Chief Inspector, Phil Chamberlain.

Starting out with the company in 1998 as a flat spring maker, back when NEMA was The Nordale Spring Company, Phil has spent 25 years fulfilling both Spring Maker and Inspector roles.

In the early 2000's Phil was part of establishing NEMA's motor division, moving to Chichester street to aid in winding and assembling motors before moving on to inspect the motors and assemblies the company were now producing. Once things had settled, Phil moved back to Lomax street to carry on with spring making and also covering for the then Chief Inspector, Derek Booth, even delving into the wacky world of quotations when Peter Greenwood was away.

This continued until the retirement of Derek in 2018 saw him elevated to his current role of Chief Inspector, ensuring customer requirements are met, sorting FAIRs and helping ensure quality products reach our aerospace and defence customers...oh and taking care of Owen!

Phil genuinely is a cracking bloke, just as happy having a laugh over a pint as he is getting out and walking his dog with his wife, and we are blessed and privileged to have him on board.

Thank you for your service Phil and all the very best in the years to come!